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Last updated 6 Oct 2023
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We will add frequently asked questions and our best answers to this page. Check here and if we haven't answered your question, then please contact us.

What are various age groups that you have ?

If you want to know more about the different competitions (Junior Blasters, Master Blasters, Junior Cricket Stage 1 (U10-U11) and Junior Cricket (U12 to Open Age groups), you can read about them here.

As a guide:
Players aged 5 to 7 - Junior Blasters (cricket activities to learn the basics of how to bat, bowl and throw)
Players aged 7 to 9 - Master Blasters (12 over each games on a Friday night over 1.5 hours)
Players aged Under 10 to 11 - Junior Cricket Stage 1 (T20 games on Saturday mornings over 2 hours)
Players aged Under 12 to 17 (need to be at school) - Junior Cricket (1 and 2 day games on Saturdays for up to 4 hours)
We do not have any senior teams at this time. 

What are the Fees for this season?
Please check out the Fees for the season here.

What is included in my Fees?
The list of inclusion etc is mentioned here.

How do I register my child to play with the club.
Please see the How to Register page for registration instructions.

Do you have a Sign On Day?
We do not have a SignOn day scheduled at this moment but we are working on to organize one in Sep 2023. In the meantime feel free to reach us out via email and Facebook and will be happy to answer any question that you may have.

When do the games take place ?
Our junior teams play on Saturday morning and the Junior and Master blaster teams play on Friday afternoon / evening. For full details please check out the link here

What are the dates for 2023 - 24 season.
The playing dates for various age groups and formats of cricket is published here.

What are the measures taken for Child Safety?
We as a club are committed to provide a safe environment for our kids as per Cricket Australia's guideline. You can find the detail about our Child Safety policy here.

What about the cricket kit?
As per Cricket Australia's guideline Junior and Master Blaster participants do not need protective gears. We supply match balls and also few spare bats for every team playing Friday evening cricket. However for Junior cricket each player must have their own kit (including box and helmet), playing whites, pads, bat etc.

How Will I know which Team I am in?

You will be contacted by your coach / team manager 1-2 weeks before the season starts to notify you about the training times and location etc. Once the teams are allocated and coach / team manager is assigned they contact each player in the team and start the communication. The communication could be (but not limited to) email, Facebook Group, Whatsapp group etc.

Where the games are going to take place?
For junior cricketers the match venue is decided by BNJCA. We do not control the location and the teams you will be playing against.

Can I opt to play with my friends?
We try our best to accommodate the request where kids play with their siblings / friends. But please bear in mind that we may not be able to accommodate all the requests and it is easier for us to take these requests in the beginning of the registration rather than leaving to the end. It is always First in Best Dressed.

Can I see my Stats for the season?

We recommend you install free MyCricket app from the app store (Apple or Android) and then login with your mycricket id to keep track of all the game related details and your personal statistics. The Mycricket app lets you see your next game etc as well and any changes to the schedule is automatically updated in the app.

Our recommendation is to download and install the app soon after you register so that you are set for the season. Please remember to check the app in the week of season start as the teams etc are updated in that week.

What is the Stats used for?
We as a club use the stats on MyCricket for our End of year presentation. The MyCricket stats are used by various other organizations like Brisbane Premier League for their selection.

Junior Blaster and Master Blaster

Is there a Cutoff date for Junior Blaster?
There is no cut off date for Junior Blaster registration. We are required to keep the registration open as long as the season is on.

What is included in the Junior Blaster?
Cricket Australia sends out a player pack once you register. We have no control on how long the pack takes to arrive as it is handled by Cricket Australia. But we have been informed by other parents that it could take up to 6 weeks for the pack to arrive to your postal address.

What is included in Master Blaster?
For the Master Blaster participants, the club provides a Training Tshirt. But the players need to purchase their own white shirt and pant like junior players do. You can purchase the club branded whites from our shop or from a sports store near you.

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