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Last updated 6 Oct 2023
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Mango Hill State SchoolOpen
North Lakes State College OvalOpen
Woodside OvalOpen

Transition to PlayHQ

MyCricket is now replaced with PlayHQ and from Summer season 2023-24 all cricket registrations, scoring etc will be on PlayHQ platform. If you are already playing Winter cricket in 2023, you do not need to do anything and you are set to play in coming summer season.

What is PlayHQ

PlayHQ is the new home of community sport and is an all-in-one sports management software application.

PlayHQ account is used for all activities (playing, scoring, registrations, and administration). This is a single PlayHQ account and is owned by the parent/guardian who then adds their child/children/dependents to their account for the relevant competitions and/or programs. (Blasters, Junior Cricket or Pop-up Clinics, etc). Please note every participant (parents/guardian) must register via PlayHQ to their participating club.

Create a Cricket ID

Create Cricket ID account by selecting the link hereYou may already have a cricket id if you have interacted with Cricket Australia before either to buy a ticket for a game, or buying merchandise etc. 

If you are not sure whether you have a Cricket ID (This is NOT your MyCricket ID number), click on Forgot Password, enter your email address, and click Send password reset email. You will be sent an email stating that a request has been made to reset the password for your Cricket ID. Click Reset my password in the email you receive. Enter and confirm your new password.

If possible, please ensure that you have the same user ID for both Cricket ID and PlayHQ for ease of use.

Create PlayHQ Account

Create or Login to your PlayHQ Account at PlayHQ Website.

You may already have a PlayHQ account if you have played other sports like AFL etc. If you already have a play HQ account there is no need to create a new account. The same account can be used for Cricket as well. If you have registered to play winter cricket 2023 season, you are already set. 

If you don’t have a PlayHQ account, select Signup from the top right of the screen.

After performing these two steps, you are ready for the upcoming summer season.


How Do I know whether I have PlayHQ account already?
If you are playing other sports like AFL etc, chances are that you are already in the system and you do not need to create another PlayHQ account. If you are not sure, then please follow the signup process and use the same email address, if you already have an account in PlayHQ you will be asked to login instead. Please reset the password and continue with the login process.

I have created more than 1 PlayHQ profile what should I do now?
If you have created more than 1 profile then please contact the support contacts mentioned below to resolve the issue. PlayHQ support will be able to resolve the issue.

Support Contact

Please note that Club, Association and Queensland Cricket administrators have limited visibility and access to Play HQ and Cricket ID accounts. If you have issues with the setup, Cricket Australia Help Desk can assist with most requests either over the phone or via return emailPlease visit PlayHQ support website where all the resources are located. The website has lots of videos, tutorials etc for everyone.

Phone – 1800 274 253
Email (your request will be filtered to the PlayHQ department)

Alternatively you can submit online request form Here

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